Earth’s natural satellite

A satellite is any object that rotates around another object maintaining structure and in a repetitive manner. This concept was invented far back but had no real use cause innovation did not see the need for an object rotating throughout another which made such a concept only exist in math books. The first form of it was in the electric dynamo where magnets were considered satellites to a wound coil core since one made rotation throughout another. Creativity lead to the need for satellites since electromagnetic waves, a huge pioneer of industrialization in that time and today, travel in straight lines. This means that they cannot curve around the surface of the earth. Communication using them as a medium would be difficult due to such a reason.

Huge machines were consequently sent into

Huge machines were consequently sent into space as a solution to this problem to and the gravity of the earth kept them in continuous rotations around the earth. This brought forth the past concept of satellites leading to the adoption of the name. How they keep a discrete orbit and maintain rotation is what leads to other celestial figures expressing similar characteristics to be called satellites.

Earth's natural satellite

Earth’s moon due to its consistent rotation around the earth was now referred to as a natural satellite of the earth. The earth amid other planets in our solar system are considered satellites of the sun due to the same reason. Rotation of a satellite type requires interaction between two bodies that get involved and the order is a small body revolves around a larger one. The relationship is either direct or indirect based on what nature the two are intrinsically composed of. Satellite action in space happens due to gravity and it applies to both artificial satellites together with celestial bodies. Anybody that is in an expanse curves the time-space continuum leading to small bodies endlessly falling towards larger one much like how everything on earth falls towards it. Gravity is not a force but as this warped curvature that makes objects attract each other.

Space itself is composed of this mysterious material that curves somewhat close to how a fabric does when objects are placed on it. What makes objects on the fabric not fall continuously is that the curvature is in 2 dimensions. Curvature responsible for satellite action is in three dimensions and it is what makes interaction between two bodies to be of a type where a smaller one is endlessly falling towards a larger one. Objects on earth would not experience a similar thing towards each other since space here is composed of air. The earth spinning also does not make it any easier since it triggers friction between many variables including air and the earth/any object slowing down the falling into a minute figure that is close to zero.

The interaction being mentioned applies to all bodies that are in space and it’s a major reason why both the moon together with artificial satellites are referred to as satellites in general. A misconception is that the moon is referred to as a satellite since it can have similar functionality as an artificial satellite consequently inheriting its name but this is not so. Earth’s moon is not electrical in any way and as a result, can’t send signals to other parts of the world or be used to study astrology on general.