Is it possible for the moon to appear during daytime?

The moon is an object that appears during the night to give light to the earth and other planets with human existence. It is round and bright, giving light to a large portion of the earth at once. Although it looks small, the moon is bigger than it appears to be in people’s vision. Sometimes when you move, it feels as if a moon is moving with you which is not the case. Just as the sun gives light during daytime, so does the moon also provide light during the night.

Myths surrounding the formation of this

Myths surrounding the formation of this permanent satellite are that it is a rock that broke into earth’s surface, while others think it is the greatest star which is of great importance to humanity. Just imagine earth in night without moon, that would be a disaster. It is uncertain if the moon is cold or hot due to its lack of atmosphere, but at first glance, it looks like ice. Compared to other planets, the moon is huge and there are three forms the moon takes, sometimes it appears spherical, other times it’s half or crescent.

Is it possible for the moon to appear during daytime?

Other types of moon aside, the full moon is just an illusion that occurs when the Earth’s shadow covers part of the moon, giving it the appearance of being half. Another reason for a half Moon is during a solar eclipse affecting a moon’s performance which could even change the color. Scientists see the different shapes as merely coincidences that occur naturally. Some religions believe that there is more, depending on the part and type of religion, the moon has great significance to them. The moon is worshiped by Muslims because they believe it is the vitality of life.

In India, the moon symbolizes power and authority, barren women go to the moon to pray for fertility, they believe that the moon is also a god on its own. Muslims use the crescent Moon as signals and messages from God to start fasting or stop fasting then prepare for their festivals. This just proves that the moon has significance to people in different ways. The ultimate importance though is brightening up the world at nighttime. Even if humans are fond of moons, it’s impossible to live there due to lack of oxygen. Maybe in the near future, if technology advances to the extent of making a moon conducive for humans to live in or better still, inventing an oxygen bag that can last for a year.

People would freely take picnic trips to the moon on vacations. Imagine if the moon suddenly disappears one day, that would be a disaster for mankind. This is because this round satellite helps days last longer, which is why there are 24 hours in a day. Without moons, days would become shorter and years very long. You could find up to 1000 days in a single year with each having just 8 hours. As regarding the question of why there aren’t pictures of a moon during day time, there are photos of a moon with its surface. The only difference is that a moon doesn’t shine brightly in day time because of the sun’s presence that overshadows its appearance.